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Con-Survival Guide

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Con Stories:
With Aaron

His Convention stories are only a fraction of his stand up comedy. Join Aaron Pabon as he, his friends, and the occasional celebrity, tell  you convention stories that are insane, crazy, funny, sad, and horrifying. These are stories that can only happen at conventions


Stand Up Comedy!

Comedian Aaron Pabon tells horror stories from conventions, odd things in geek culture and his recent adventures in a strange place called JAPAN!

Aaron’s Game Hour!

  • The geeky game show where you compete against your nerdy friends to see who is the geekiest, silliest, smartest, and most entertaining geek of us all! Compete in a series of games with fellow contestants to get a chance to be crowned the Con’s top entertainer!

Con Stories: With Aaron!
Aaron Pabon hosts this zany podcast (recorded on convention location) where he, friends, celebrities, and YOU, tell convention stories that are insane, crazy, funny, sad, and horrifying. These are stories that can only happen at conventions!


Aaron's Ultimate Con Survival Guide!

  • Aaron Pabon has been to many conventions as an attendee, panelist, guest, and has worked almost every position at a convention. So who's better to tell you the ins and outs of how to survive the convention lifestyle than him? Learn how to prepare and enjoy a con the fullest, and learn how to survive them.

Review The Year

  • Join comedian Aaron Pabon and other convention guests as they review everything that the last year, and thus far, has brought us in pop-culture!

The Science of Conventions

  • The US hosts the most pop-culture conventions and events. Many want in on the game and are unsure of the business, planning and science of starting and running one. Join Aaron Pabon, a consultant for conventions, as he explains the basic behind the scenes of a con, and what to be on the lookout for when planning your first con.

Web Video Production 101

  • Learn the in’s and out’s on developing web videos for YouTube, Facebook,

  • and more!

A History of Video Game Controversies

  • From Violence and Loot Boxes, to the 80’s crash and Gamergate. Learn about the history of these gaming controversies and how their impacts in the gaming industry.

Power Ranger X Super Sentai Panel

  • Love Power Rangers or Super Sentai? Get in gear with other fans of spandex-clad heroes as we discuss the awesome legacy of power! It's Morphin' Time!