Geek   Comedian
Aaron   Pabon

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Late Night @ The Con!

Filmed on location: at your favorite Conventions!

Late Night @ The Con ([email protected]), is a late night, web-talk show, that is filmed on location at conventions.

Filmed in a similar fashion to the popular late-night and news satire comedy shows on american television; [email protected] aims to showcase the Convention, and show viewers who both attended or did not, what events they may have missed at the Convention.

[email protected] is filmed in front of a live audience. There are select segments on the show that require audience participation, and audience members have a chance to win various prizes!

First Episode !

In the first episode of [email protected]: Aaron Pabon and Michael Leneski are @ KamiCon, Michael has a voice off with Zach Callison (Steven from Steven Universe), Leo and Malcolm from Channel Awesome help us with our WTF Board, and Aaron buys Yaoi!

Guest Stars:
Zach Callison, Deedee Lynn Magno Hall, Leo Thompson, Malcolm Ray, Scott Frerichs, Caleb Hyles.

Filmed on location at Kamicon in Birmingham Alabama.